Chakra Alignment and Chakra Balancing

 The Indian Yogis considered the balance of the chakra system as an essential part of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Health.


The 7 main Chakras are cone-shaped Energy-Centers of spinning light. They touch with their tapered end the spinal cord and open wider towards the front of the physical as well as the emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual bodies. It is here where the Life Force enters the being.


Most of the detailed descriptions mention the main 7 Chakras, but as we all evolve into the Higher Dimensions, the 8th and the 9th Chakra become increasingly important. They represent the links to our intuition and the connection to communicate with the Higher Realms. The 8th and the 9th chakras are located approximately 1 and 3 feet above the 7th Chakra.

In order to maintain good health and vitality and to develop the upper chakras it is necessary that all chakras can spin freely and are in a balance with each other.


But many times this balance and natural flow between the chakras is slowed down or clogged due to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual impacts that happened within this life or are carried forward from former lifetimes. Those blockages can influence the organs and cells in the area related to that chakra.

If not addressed on the energetic level, this could lead to disharmony or irritability and over time might manifest as diseases in the physical body.


Re-establishing the synchronicity of all chakras supports the healing of the particular organ/area and is an important part of Karina Himayla’s holistic approach. She re-aligns the chakras by her Healing Energy Transmission to restore the inner harmony and balance on all levels.

This strengthens the ability of Self-Love and Self-Compassion and leads the entire physical body as well as all the energy-fields and energy-bodies back to optimal Health and Vitality.



Chakra Jewelry


In her “Shivana” Beauty Institute, which Karina Himayla lead for 15 years in Germany and Sri Lanka, she included crystals, precious and semi-precious gemstones in her cosmetic-sessions. She always was and still is in awe of their immense harmonizing power and healing support for body, mind and soul.


While living in India Karina Himayla collaborated with Blossoming Chakras, the new venture of La- Argent International. This family enterprise, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is specialized in Chakra Jewelry and very conscious about the energy they are dealing with. What impressed her most is the fact that the handcraftsmen are not allowed to work on the jewelries, when they are in sorrow or not in a good/balanced mood. This ensures that the crystals and gems are not influenced by any negative energy and can unfold their full potential in harmonizing and supporting the wearer’s chakras.


In Karina Himayla’s eyes this is a perfect combination: balancing the chakras by her energy transmission and stabilizing this balance with the chakra jewelry.
After the chakra alignment she can suggest you, which of the chakra jewelries would benefit you most.


Beside the synergetic fact all of these jewelries are unique pieces of art.



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In this Chakra Bliss Bracelet all the 7 Chakras are combined. The separate symbols of the chakras are also available as pendants and earrings.


For more details, to see more of this enchanting high-quality and high-energy jewelry or to order your individual chakra-harmonizer, please visit and browse the “Blossoming Chakras” website and discover more of their amazing Chakra-Pendants, Chakra-Earrings and Chakra-Rings: