The Master-Healer “Himayla” is residing in the ALL THAT IS; she is connected to the ONENESS and has access to ALL, some refer to it as the Akashic Chronicles.


Karina Himayla has been meditating for 28 year and with her determination she grew naturally into her Higher Purpose and finally dedicated herself to be a Healer and Light Channel for “Himayla”. Since then she has received messages for her clients, which their soul is ready to hear at that time and supports them with information, which is difficult for themselves to obtain in such a short frame of time.

The Channeling Sessions are more related to Personal Development and the client’s Higher Purpose.


Channeling “Himayla” comes directly through her heart and is filled with the unconditional love of the Universe.

She connects with the client’s subconscious, Higher Self and Guidance and these messages come directly from “Himayla” and Source, God, Existence, Spirit or Universe (to whom ever they relate).

They could also be health related, but mostly they are important information for their personal forthcoming or their Life Purpose: the Mission, for which everyone of us came here on this Earth to fulfill in this lifetime.


Karina Himayla’s channelings are a combination of the energy-reading, energy healing (including integration into the Holigram Healing Hall) and vibration-raising to support the client unfolding their full potential. Moreover it includes the release of blockages, old beliefs, doubts and old patterns that prevent them regaining their own power.

This will elevate the client to higher levels and make it easier for their soul to fulfill this Mission and re-unite them with their Intrinsic True Self.