Homes Healing


Karina Himayla studied under the brilliant guidance of Lillian Too, Feng Shui Grand Master in Kuala Lumpur. At first she was trained in the traditional way of Feng Shui, but then she developed – due to her own experiences with the energetic realms – her specific holistic way to harmonize and heal the energies in the homes. She not only can correct shortcomings and remedy afflictions, but she also provides the base in her client’s home for their own transformation. As the tagline says: “Transforming your Home – Transforming your Life“.


Furthermore she detects the dense and constraining energies, removes the blockages and resolves the afflictions by her extended Feng Shui knowledge and her impeccable intuition.
After this clearing she creates a harmonious energy flow and infuses the whole house with Love and Light Energies and “Himayla’s” Blessings, which have a tangible influence on the homes as well as on the body, soul and mind of the inhabitants.


In addition she manifests a tailor-made or – more correctly – a “Himayla-made” Holigram in the home at the time of her direct visit or if the consultation is held online, she is also able to create it over the distance. This personalized and Home-specific Healing Holigram heals and harmonizes the home, supports the wellbeing of all residents and assists the convalescence of an ailing family member.


To cure the direct surroundings of a patient is crucial for the recovery, because “The House is the Home for the Body – the Body is the Home for the Spirit” both “Homes” have to be taken into consideration.


The body gets nourished energetically during the night through the Crown Chakra. Therefore it is always advisable to sleep with the head towards one of the favorable directions according to the personal KUA number. To calculate your KUA number and determine your personal auspicious and inauspicious directions, please go to the “Homes in Harmony” website:
In the cases, where it is not possible to change the position of the bed, she can energetically install a Transmutation Holigram as a protection against the pathogenic influences.