Spine Alignment


Many clients complain about permanent or recurring back pain. In most of the cases this is caused by vertebrae, which are out of alignment. Every vertebra represents a particular aspiration; if parts of the spine had slipped out of their original position, it means that the client is out of sync with this particular theme of life.


Karina Himayla developed a special healing modality to re-align the spine working on an energetic level, without touching the client – very effective even over distance – when one or more vertebrae had slipped out of their original position.


Some clients reported after the realignment that they were pain free and they felt an increase in the flow of energy through the spine, much more at peace and lighter in their energy.


Lesley from Australia described her experience:

What an amazing gift and experience it has been working with Karina. The initial consultation was with Karina herself where she very accurately did a psychic x-ray of my body. It was so accurate that it had Karina reminding me of some broken bones in my foot that I had forgotten about.

The work that followed next was via an absent method. This is a healing that does not requiring the healer and the receiver to be in the same room, town or country. These were equally powerful healings that left me in no doubt about the work being done, and where the healing was being delivered to.

I have worked with natural therapist and healers form many decades and consider the caliber of work that Karina does to be of an extremely high level. Many changes occurred after the healings that have left me feeling quite joyful and liberated.

Many thanks Karina.


Connie from US reported:

…Karina is a very gifted healer with a highly developed intuition… She was able to intuit the cause of the headaches I’ve had for six years and do the healing work that allowed me to sleep through the night, pain free. And most amazingly, she has aligned my spine from halfway across the world! After the aligning, my vertebrae moved smoothly, with no rubbing… I would highly recommend Karina to anyone who is looking for help with their physical dis-ease, or who is looking for help in releasing the blocks in the way of their moving forward in life the way they would like…


Aaron from India wrote:

I would like to thank Karina for her immense healing power, which is really unique and faster than any medicine on earth.
The first time, when I was down with severe back problems, she found out that some of my vertebrae were out of alignment. I never knew that about my vertebrae, but Karina helped my back to get better and the most surprising thing was that I was sitting in my home and she in her house! I never came across such a powerful yet soooo soft healer. It was an amazing experience.
Recently I had a strain in my neck and it was very irritating, as I even couldn’t sleep well. The next day I visited Karina and she healed me in 10-15 min! Without any medication and stuff. She “saw” with her hands that some vertebrae were out of alignment again. After some minutes of her session, my neck was free and I could move normal again!
Highly recommended to all people with any sort of issues!
Wish you all the best for your amazing work, Karina. Amazing way of spreading love and light.


Sagar from India said:

I had a bad neck stiffness and usually it takes around 2 or 3 days to come to normal movements. This time with Karina’s session it was almost unreal. The experience was something unheard and unthought of. It started as if nothing is happening, but after that in half an hour I started to feel easy and could move the neck very smoothly and till evening it all just went away!
In one word if I have to describe it: “Effective”